The Garage

Our current stable of cars for hire include the following:

We have a pair of matching 1970 white XW falcons with both running 351 V8 Clevelands.

One has saddle interior & is running a 4 speed top loader gearbox.

The second has red interior & is running a C4 auto transmission.

Also in our Ford stable is a limited edition 1999 Ford TE50 series 1.

It is 1 of 29 in black & has dark grey interior with climate control & is running a 5L Windsor V8

with auto transmission which you can change the gears on the steering wheel. Very cool.

In our Holden stable we have a rare 2002 CV8 Monaro in Flame Red (great colour) with dark leather interior & is running a 5.7L Chevy V8 with a manual transmission. Very nice car.

Also in our Holden stable is 1 tough black VE SS commodore with gold mag wheels (great combination).

It is running a 6L Chevy V8 with a 6 speed manual transmission. Sounds as good as it looks.